Welcome to the Tribal Forensic Healthcare Project

The Indian Health Service (IHS) has funded the International Association of Forensic Nurses to deliver training related to the identification, collection, and preservation of medical forensic evidence obtained during the treatment of victims of sexual and domestic violence. These trainings allow medical professionals to acquire and maintain the knowledge, skills, and competent clinical forensic practice to improve the response to domestic and sexual violence in hospitals, health clinics, and health stations within the Indian health system.

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3/14/2018 » 5/11/2018
Intimate Partner Violence Examiner - Web Based (March 2018 - May 2018)

4/10/2018 » 6/26/2018
Adult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Examiner - Web-Based (April-June 2018)

4/24/2018 » 7/10/2018
Pediatric Sexual Assault Examiner - Web-Based (April - July 2018)

5/3/2018 » 7/27/2018
Adult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Examiner - Web-Based (May-July 2018)